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I am an assistant atmospheric scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory 's Division of Environmental Sciences (EVS)
I am also a visiting scientist at the Rutgers University 's Department of Environmental Sciences (DES)

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Nagpur University, India 1998-2002
    Thesis Title: Design and fabrication of vortex tube.
Master of Science in Meteorology, University of Miami, USA 2003-2006
    Thesis Title: Characteristics of drizzle under stratocumulus using cloud Doppler radars.
Doctor of Philosophy in Meteorology, University of Miami, USA 2006-2009
    Dissertation Title: Turbulence and mass transports in stratocumulus clouds.

My research is mainly focused on boundary layer clouds and the associated processes to improve their representation in Global Climate Models. For doing that I use variety of observational datesets along with simple models. The bulk of my research is tied to the data from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Mobile Facility (AMF).

11:670:431 Undergraduate Physical Meteorology, Spring 2011
Student Evaluations


Dr. Mark A. Miller
Dr. Bruce A. Albrecht
Dr. Pavlos Kollias
Dr. Christopher W. Fairall
Dr. Haflidi H. Jonsson
Dr. Ping Zhu
Dr. Steve Decker

Field Campaigns:
Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) 2004
Rain In Cumulus over Ocean (RICO) 2005
Stratus 2005
Stratus 2006
Monterey 2006
Cloud and Precipitation Study (CPS) 2008
Key West Aerosol Cloud Experiment (KWACEX) 2012
Seven SouthEast Asian Studies (7-SEAS) 2012

Atmospheric Optics

Division of Environmental Sciences,
9700 South Cass Avenue,
Argonne IL 60439
Tel: 630-252-1609
Fax: 630-252-4624
Email: vghate (at) anl [Dot] gov

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